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The modular Hide-A-Crib system was developed in 2010, as a response to the need for a more portable adult crib.   The Hide-A-Crib fits around a standard mattress, or can be used with a mat on the floor.  It does not support weight, instead it encases your sleeping area.  

Hide-A-Crib sizes include Twin, Twin XL, Full(Double), Queen, and King

tucked away...

the Hide-A-Crib tucks away easily under a bed in less than half an hour

time to play...


Set up is simple, can be done with a hex key. All the pieces fit together in a few easy steps, clearly outlined in our instructional videos.  Estimated set up time is approximately 15-30 minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Where is Babica Products?

We are located in the Malahat area of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.  From this location, we can ship anywhere in North America.


Can you ship outside of North America? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to process international orders at this time.


Is the Hide-A-Crib sturdy? What kind of weight can it support?

The Hide-A-Crib is not designed to support weight, but instead it encases your current bed, which supports your weight.  That said, the crib is very solid, thoroughly supported with reinforcements and bolt-on hardware.

What kind of bed will I need to have a Hide-A-Crib?

The best kind of bed setup is a mattress and boxspring on a simple bedframe, such as this one

There are lower frames, and they will work, just be certain to include the height of your mattress when you order.


I see there is crib bedding (bumpers and ruffles) in the pictures, is this available?

Babica can also create customized crib bedding for Babica (or other) adult-sized cribs, at an additional cost.  Speak with a Babica rep to find out more.

What are the advantages of a “Modular” crib design?

Nearly all of the parts on a Hide-A-Crib are interchangeable, so the doors can be placed in different parts of the design. 
























If you have a twin XL and you want to upgrade to a Queen, you can simply replace the headboards. Furthermore, multiple Hide-A-Crib sets can be used in conjunction to build a large playpen for social events.  Its like lego with crib parts! New mods are constantly being developed, such as mobile arms, slide-down sides, and customizable toppers, to create a unique crib experience.


If a piece should get broken or lost, it is easy to replace. Simply contact Babica and let us know what you need.


What kind of warranty do you have?

Babica Hide-A-Cribs are guaranteed (Parts and Labour) for 2 years under normal wear.  In most cases, we will simply send out a replacement part.  If it is a manufacturing defect or our responsibility, the cost is on us, otherwise, shipping charges may apply.

Is paint included in the price, and can I choose different colours?

All Hide-A-Cribs are handcrafted, finished, primed, and painted with chalk paint at no additional cost.  Colours currently available: White, Baby Blue, Pink, and soft Yellow.

Do you make other novelty furniture?

Babica Products is capable of producing many other custom products, such as high chairs, changing tables, rocking horses, etc.  Speak with a rep about your needs

Twin with doors on ends
Twin with doors on side
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